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Ghana’s physically disabled society cautions Shatta Wale against mockery of disabilities

The Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled (GSPD) is cautioning Shatta Wale to desist from mocking colleague musician, Stonebwoy with his disability.

During a performance at Sallahfest last week, Shatta went vile and rained insults on Stonebwoy for his absence at the highly anticipated Sallahfest event, which he assumed was a ploy for the latter to sideline him (Shatta Wale) for show. 

In his usual rants, the Kakai hitmaker used “unprintable” words on Stonebwoy and mocked his way of walking, inciting a huge backlash since the video went viral on social media.

However, Shatta Wale doesn’t seemed bothered by the criticisms trailing his unpopular statements and rather taking on people who have been bold to call him out for his deed. 

This has perhaps forced the Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled to issue a warming to Shatta to refrain from his ways of using Stonebwoy’s disability to mock him. 

In a press statement today, the GSPD condemned Shatta Wale's actions as irresponsible and potentially harmful to the mental health of the physically disabled community.

“The Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled (GSPD) has seen a video circulating on social media where Shatta Wale mocks Stonebouy with his disability. In the video, Shatta Wale said among other negative statements "You are a bad person that is why God made you a disabled person, you are a disabled person don't try and fight an able person".”

“By this statement, he is trying to say all persons with disabilities are bad that is why God has made us who we are. This primitive statement should not have come from a high-profile personality like Shata Wale,” the statement read.

The group insisted that being a person with a disability does not mean people are cursed, or God is punishing them, urging Shatta Wale to apologise to the community and take measures to remove the offensive videos from social media platforms.

Citing the Disability Act 715, the GSPD reminded all that mocking or making derogatory comments about a person's disability is a punishable offence under the law.

“We want to remind Shatta Wale that a section of his own fans who are making him who he is, are persons with disabilities. Did he think how they will feel? or Shatta Wale thinks he has made it so he does not care?”

Read full statement below:

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