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Evans Amewugah writes: Breaking The Chains: Fighting Scholarship Injustice in Ghana

The most disappointing aspect is when we have a rule governing the disbursement of the GetFund, as stated clearly in Section 2.2(b) of the GetFund Act, requiring the Scholarship Secretariat to allocate funds to support 'gifted but needy students for studies in the second cycle and accredited tertiary institutions in Ghana.'

There are many gifted but needy students across the length and breadth of the country who can not even pay school fees, buy handouts, or secure hostel accommodations as shelter over their heads to learn. Yet, they navigate these hurdles and achieve good grades only to be denied scholarships.

It is becoming a growing concern and an unpleasant situation that card bearing members of political parties and already established individuals with a very rich background are the ones these scholarships favours , most of the time a student gets it is when they are actively involved in student politics and activism before they are considered, which shouldn't be the case.

We are setting a bad precedent as a nation, and we risk shattering the dreams of the young ones who hold the future of our dear nation.

Law enforcement agencies must investigate the research conducted by the investigative journalist network the Fourth Estate dubbed "Scholarship Bonanza" that exposes these scandals, and the culprits must be held accountable. We must also ensure that we abide by and cooperate with the laws of our land. This is how we can restore hope in the lives of gifted Ghanaian students.

It is concerning that despite the uncapping of the GetFund, we have failed to provide scholarships for deserving Ghanaian students who are already privileged while neglecting the poor and needy gifted students.

If we believe that the youth are the future of this country, and we continue to neglect them in this manner, will we still have any gifted youth capable of leading our country in the future?

We keep providing for those who are already satisfied.

A clear example is the difficulty faced by students, especially in private universities, in paying fees. 

Some students graduate without being able to collect their certificates, while others drop out due to the hardships they face in affording food while in school.

It would be disheartening if the President of the Republic, who believes in education so much and implemented the free SHS policy, were to sit idly by as gifted but needy and poor students are neglected right after completing school. What is the essence of free SHS if gifted, intelligent, but needy students are deprived of scholarship opportunities?

As an SRC president of Jayee University College, media committee chairman of Ghana Union Of Professional Students (GUPS), media committee member of Private Universities Students Association of Ghana (PUSAG), and a Central Committee member of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), I know the truth and the challenges facing most schools and their students. There is no malice in everything I have penned down here, only the true state of our lives in the universities.

By Evans Amewugah

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