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Authorities Responds To A South Carolina Man Traveling To Rihanna’s House To Ask For Her Hand In Marriage

An anonymous man was escorted off of Rihanna’s property after arriving unannounced to ask for her hand in marriage.

According to TMZ, a South Carolina man traveled to the singer’s home on Thursday, but her security team quickly intercepted him.

Law enforcement says that the man stated his intention to propose to the singer upon arrival. This resulted in Rihanna’s team to contact the authorities immediately.

Once they arrived, the officers handcuffed the man and took him away in a vehicle. The man was not arrested since he technically didn’t break any laws. However, authorities did have a serious chat with him about his outlandish intentions and told him not to return to the home.

This is not the first time Rihanna has dealt with a crazed fan stopping by her house. In 2018, Eduardo Leon was apprehended inside of Rihanna’s residence in Los Angeles. 

Apparently, Leon had been occupying the premises for a period of no less than one day, during which time Rihanna was absent. His presence was later detected and told authorities he had entered the property with the intention of engaging in sexual activity with the artist. 

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