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Executives of Divinity Empire Campus Ministry (DECAM) accuse Ghanaian Pastor, Vinny Max Bani of scam, sexual exploits and more

Executives of Divinity Empire Campus Ministry (DECAM) are accusing their founder, Apostle Vinny Max Bani, of alleged sexual misconduct and scam among other offences.

According to the executives, the founder of the campus-based church has misled his followers for thirteen years whilst claiming to be a man of God. In a press statement issued to dissolve the church, the executives say the pastor has now gone into hiding. 

The statement details that Apostle Vinny Max Bani's bad deed came to their notice after he willingly resigned from his position.  

Read more from the statement below...

 "The straw that broke the camel's back was a disappearance act performed by Vinny Max Bani from 15th February to 14th March 2022. On his 'return,' he claimed that what had occurred was a transfiguration of sorts as he announced the end of his ministry as a man of God/apostle," the statement said.

It continued "he announced the change in leadership structure for DECAM, placing the Archdeacon as head of DECAM executives, a committee which consisted of 4 pastors in the ministry along with the Archdeacon. He also ordered the removal of every shred of information on the internet linking him to his ministry as an apostle, an identity which served to legitimize his 13 years of church administration. He was to be regarded as a private businessman and Emperor who had nothing to do with ministry".

According to the executives, it was at this point that they realized that despite "in spite of the weekly offerings and donations and many fundraising campaigns over the years, the church had no meeting premises she owned".

In the statement which has made it social media, it also alleged that the Pastor was exploiting some of the women in the church sexually. "While investigations were ongoing, several female members of the congregation came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct of Mr. Bani. Many claimed to have been propositioned to provide nude photos in exchange for some favors or recognition in the church".

 "Some claimed they had been groomed to grant him all kind of sexual favors from oral sex, hand jobs, and sensual massages to various penetrative sex activities including threesomes and orgies involving several women at once. While many of them claim the sex was consensual, the allegations brought to light several manipulative schemes this man had employed to get the young women to agree to such acts including swearing them to secrecy and holding their nudes and other compromising pieces of content as leverage to prevent them from exposing his antics".

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