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Why this messaging app Supfrica created by a Sierra Leonean man could be Africa’s next Whatsapp

A Sierra Leonean technologist has developed a mobile messaging app called Supfrica aimed at connecting users across the continent.

In an interview over the weekend with PanAfrican Daily TV, Hafiz Alhassan Kanu, said he had looked at all social media apps and concluded that they weren't made for the African market.

"We want to create an app by Africans for Africans and eventually get it to be used globally," he said.

Mr Kanu said he was surprised by the uptake of Supfrica in the download platforms.

According to Google Play there have been more than 100,000 installations since the app was listed in December.

"It was supposed to be a test, it was not even an actual launch, but the test went viral," he said.

Android users can download the beta version and Mr Kano says currently working on an iOS version.

He has in the past developed streaming apps and music platforms for the African market.


Credit: BBC

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