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Kevin Hart Gets Sued Again By Sex Tape Mistress For $60 Million

The woman involved in Kevin Hart’s 2017 cheating scandal has filed another lawsuit against the comedian. ⠀

Hart’s former mistress, Montia Sabbag, is taking her case against Hart to Los Angeles. In a new lawsuit, Sabbag is suing Hart for $60 million because she claims he intentionally filmed her while the two were having sexual relations, and leaked the video as a publicity stunt. The Blast has obtained legal documents that state Sabbag had no idea she was being recorded in HArt’s hotel room back in 2017.

In her filing, she claims she “engaged in private sexual relations with Hart, in Hart’s private bedroom suite at the Cosmopolitan.” She adds that “unbeknownst to (her) and without her knowledge or consent, she was filmed naked from the waist down while she engaged in private sexual relations with Hart.” She goes on to explain that one of Hart’s friends, Jonathan Jackson, was given keys to the hotel they were in and set up a hidden camera to have the two filmed.

She says Hart conspired with Jackson to have her filmed while naked and states that he had sex with her for “the purpose of obtaining a tremendous financial benefit for himself, including “(a) the benefits obtained through the additional publicity and media attention the VIDEO garnered, which in turn helped to promote his Irresponsible Tour, which was a record-breaking comedy, and (b) to increase his overall pop culture status, which is further evidenced by the release of his Netflix documentary entitled Don’t F**k This Up.”

Sabbag claims she did not “authorize or consent to any person or entity recording, intimate acts depicted in the Video, storage of the Video, the editing of the Video, or the dissemination of the Video.” She is currently suing Hart for $60 million and claims she has continued to suffer from “tremendous emotional distress.” She added that her “life was turned upside down” by the scandal, and her image has ultimately been ruined.

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