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IMANI founder Franklin Cudjoe hails Bola Ray

IMANI founder Franklin Cudjoe has taken to social media to praise the steadfastness of the CEO of the EIB Network Bola Ray.

According to him, Ghana needs a lot more of such individuals who are able to strive on despite adversities.

In a Facebook post, Mr Cudjoe said: “I am beginning to see the impact Bola Ray had on some of his former employees. Times were tough for the man, but I see many lights Bola lighted in these young broadcasters gradually dimming. Sad.

“May the likes of Bola remain with us and may their missteps never be their end. We all have leadership faults but never easy to be an employer who gives unlimited opportunities to his employees”.

The EIB CEO last year sparked controversy after he openly admitted that his company was facing financial challenges. While many faulted him for being too frank and candid with the state of his company, others praised him for his sincerity and boldness.

The EIB Network is one of the leading media conglomerates in Ghana with many successful radio stations.

Stations under the unit including its flagship Starr FM have received numerous awards since the company emerged some 5 years ago.

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