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The Sebs Journal:This Virus Is More Powerful Than Any Other Virus!

Governments have impose a lockdown so everything and everyone is locked-down. Social gatherings are compromised, churches are on a ban and what makes it even heartbreaking is there's no platform for love and humanitarianism in the name of social-distancing as lovers, couples and family keep distances from one another. The sweet aroma of PEOPLE have finally turned into the disgusting smell of hospitals because they are smearing and soaking themselves in sanitizers, detergents and antiseptic fluids as a precautionary measure.

Half the population of the earth have turned into surgeons as they cover their noses with nose masks and hands with gloves.

What is really going on? They said it's a virus and it's spreading with so much heat and the very fires of hell. Like the speed of light, it is taking over the world continent by continent.

The entire WORLD is on its knees because of this virus. It is so deadly that the blood pressure of many have risen and those with poor immune system can't survive. Mortality rate has increased exponentially. Trust me friends, this virus is the most powerful the WORLD has ever seen. I heard someone shout coronavirus but excuse me friends because I am not talking about the corona-virus. This one is more devastating than covid-19. I am talking about the virus called FEAR that has taken over the entire WORLD, devastating it day after day till there will be nothing left to build its pride with. The FEAR Virus (if I may call it the F-Virus), is really the real deal right now as it has completely interrupted with the normal flow and efficient functions of every system of the world, domestically, publicly and globally.

Pause for a minute and think about your loss of appetite, your continual browse on the news for covid-19 cases update, less communication and closure in your own home when no cases have been discovered there yet. Can you be honest with me; How do you really feel right now? How's the state of your emotions and mind? Do you feel that sudden change and tension? That is what I am talking about. It is called FEAR and it is a powerful virus but underrated.

The Good News is covid-19 may have no cure (as the world claims) but the FEAR virus (F-Virus) does have a cure called FAITH. By arming ourselves with FAITH, we begin to treat ourselves from this FEAR-Virus (F-Virus). What makes this even better is that there's also a Vaccine such that with this Vaccine, you shield yourself the F-Virus infection so that it would have no business knocking at the doors of your peace, health, mental and emotional stability. This Vaccine is called GOD'S WORD. Hurray!! Let's spread this good news.

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God..." - Romans 10:17

You are very safe hence  continue to stay safe through Faith because your life really matters. GOD bless GHANA and the entire WORLD. I love you FAMILY deeply family.

🖊️Writer: Sebastian Appiah (SEBS)
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