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Senegal confirms second coronavirus case

A second person in Senegal has tested positive for coronavirus, the country's health ministry confirms.

It says the patient is an 80-year-old French national who arrived in the West African country on 29 February.

He is being treated at the same hospital for infectious diseases in the capital city, Dakar, as another Frenchman who was hospitalised for coronavirus last week.

News of this second confirmed case in Senegal brings the total number of confirmed cases on the African continent to 12.Other countries with patients who tested positive for the virus are
    Algeria - five people

    Egypt - two people

    Morocco - one person

    Nigeria - one person

    Tunisia - one person

Senegal is one of the 33 sub-Saharan African nations with testing facilities for coronavirus. The authorities say they are well prepared to deal with the virus.

On Monday the World Health Organization told the BBC it expects the remaining 14 sub-Saharan nations currently without testing equipment to gain facilities within a fortnight. 


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