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Male basketballer banned after testing positive for pregnancy

An American basketballer has banned for two years after his drug test came back positive for pregnancy.

After missing out on selection at the 2013 NBA draft, Donell Cooper had played professionally in Greece and France, where he recently starred for AS Monaco.

Last year, Cooper left the French side citing "family reasons".

But it's since been revealed that a failed drug test during a bid to become a naturalised player for the Bosnian national team was the cause for his departure.

Officials found that the sample he provided contained human chorionic gonadotropin - or hCG - a hormone produced during pregnancy.

A recently released report proved that the urine actually belonged to his partner, who was likely unaware she was pregnant. Cooper had turned in her urine in an attempt to deceive officials.

As a result, FIBA - the sports international governing body - has now suspended Cooper for fraud and he's not eligible to return to the game until June 2020.

Cooper was a star for Ohio University, starting nearly every game in his collegiate career, while averaging 14.5 points, 6.5 assists and 4.3 rebounds. 

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