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Pictures, videos from Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn’s colourful traditional wedding

Gospel singer Moses Bliss and his wife Marie Wiseborn had their traditional wedding Thursday Feb. 29.

The ceremony held at the Underbridge, East Legon, in Ghana.

Pictures captured moments of laughter, love, and the couple’s radiant joy. The video footage showcased traditional dances, symbolizing unity and community celebration.

Guests were treated to a feast of cultural delicacies, enhancing the festivities with flavors that mirrored the diverse backgrounds of the couple.

For her first look, Marie wore a beautiful blue kente with peach embroidery and looked effortlessly sophisticated. Moses also showed up for his traditional wedding looking super suave and we love it. He donned the full Akwa Ibom regalia, wearing a white shirt, a colourful wrapper tied to the side, a black cap with colourful embroidery, and coral beads to complete the ensemble. He sure slayed his outfit to perfection.


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