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Sonnie Badu apologizes to Dr. Kwaku Oteng for calling him out

After performing a successful concert  at the Grande Arena in Accra, Ghana last weekend, Sonnie Badu
has been in the news for all the reasons you may think of.

One such is his comment about the lack of sponsorship for Gospel-related events. During a recent interview on Okay FM, the Minister expressed his disappointment at many who promised to support his concert, ‘Rhythms of Africa’ but yet, failed to show up when it mattered most.

Sonnie Badu revealed that Dr. Kwaku Oteng, CEO of Angel Group of Companies failed to honour his promise to sponsor his concert and also refused to answer his calls whenever he called despite assured promises.

“A lot of sponsors let me down, even Dr Kweku Oteng was not picking up my phone calls, he promised to sponsor, he promised to be a part of it but he didn’t pick up my phone calls. He disappointed me.”

After what seems a sober reflection on the comments, Sonnie Badu has issued an apology.

In a statement shared on his Instagram, the musician reiterated his disappointment in Dr Kwaku Oteng and explained why his (Dr Kwaku Oteng) failure to show up for the second time was quite hurting.

He also revealed it was extremely frustrating for people to credit Dr. Kwaku Oteng for the success of the event when indeed he had not made any contribution to it despite his promises.

Read the statement below. 


Let me use my platform to apologize to Dr. Kweku Oteng for calling him out on Okay 101.7FM - for not sponsoring my concert, ‘Rhythms of Africa’.

For those of you who don’t know: I remained loyal to him and honored him gracefully in Atlanta, Georgia.

For my major concert in Atlanta, Dr. Oteng promised to support the project but came up short.

For the recently-held concert in Ghana, I paid a courtesy call on him and once again, he pledged to support the project, only for him to disappoint me again - after placing so much trust in his words and hoping he would make amends for his earlier failed promise.

After my visit to him, I excitingly posted on my social media platforms about his willingness to support the project.

I must admit that, it was extremely frustrating that an impression was created that Dr. Oteng had supported the successful concert that took place at the Grand Arena over the weekend and I felt the need to clear the air.

Nonetheless, I apologize sincerely to Dr. Oteng for bringing this out in the public domain.

I have learnt my lesson not to depend on man and indeed, when I turned back to God, he surprised me and made ‘Rhythms of Africa’, arguably one of the best events in Ghana thus far.

God bless you, Sir!

The apology has so far not sat well with many who have since expressed their disappointment with the Minister suggesting that he deletes it since falls short of an apology. 

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