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#InspirationalChat: Broken heart moved me to study women more - Artist & Poet, Amarkine Amarteifio

Ghanaian artist and poet, Amarkine Amarteifio has revealed how a relationship that turned sour in his early adult life led him to learn more about women which eventually landed him in the field of psychology. At the age of 21, the artist said he had his heart broken twice by the same woman.

 “My first broken heart was when I was 21 years old. It was such a bad experience but later on I looked back and thanked God for what happened. The same lady broke my heart twice. After that experience, I said to myself that I have to study women. So I started by asking my sisters, I just wanted to know how women thought in order to handle women".

 He said in an interview with Ghanaian blogger Emmanuel Donkor on Inspirational Chat. This lesson gave him the open mind to study psychology. 

“That lesson took me to human behavior, I learnt so much about psychology and then moved to psycho analysis” he added.

The artist has been married for 30 years now and is blessed with three (3) children.

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