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I was hurt when i first heard about Yvonne Nelson's book - Iyanya

Nigerian music star and ex-girlfriend of Yvonne Nelson, Iyanya, has expressed her heartbreak after hearing the release of 'I'm Not Yvonne Nelson'.

He said that before the book was published, Yvonne Nelson asked him to shoot a promotional video for the book, without knowing what it was about.

Speaking to Foster Aggor on Starr Drive, he said, “I made it the endorsement videos because I didn’t know I was in the book. I was hurt when I first heard about the content.”

He revealed that he wished he can have a sit-down conversation with Yvonne to have a talk “I don’t really feel good that I have to sit on the radio to talk about this because it is emotional.”

He added that I also feel like at the end of the day she is healing. Let’s not forget that too whatever it is. But what we all need to understand is that everybody has been through ups and downs and being famous comes with the territory”

The artiste recently dropped an EP which features Kuami Eugene and other  Africa music stars  dubbed ‘ Love and Trust”

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