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#InspirationalChat: Jacqueline Quaye discusses her experience working at Ameyaw debrah media and living with a prophetess. #BeInspired!

In this episode of Inspirational Chat,we bring you a conversation with  Ameyaw tv host and entertainment writer, Jacqueline Quaye.

Jacqueline discusses how she acquired a job at Ameyaw Debrah Media (ameyawtv), how much fun she had working with Ameyaw Debrah, her life story, and her experience living with a prophetess in this episode.

Get interactive by dropping your comments in the comments section below. Be Inspired.

Inspirational Chat is a platform where we interact with young leaders, who have made an impact in the lives of others. It is also a platform where young leaders tell us how they began their journey and how it has been with them as they give their lives to inspiring and motivating the upcoming generation!


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