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'There will be no more war on earth, thanks to North Korea's nuclear weapons, Kim Jong Un says

North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, has boasted that the earth would not face any war again, due to his nation's nuclear capabilities.

Kim speaking on Monday July 27, made the remarks during a reception for veterans as his hermit nation celebrated the 67th anniversary of the end of the 1950-53 Korean War.

The speech came amid stalled talks between the US and North Korea aimed at dismantling Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs in exchange for sanctions relief from Washington.

Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump surprisingly met in 2018 in Singapore, raising hopes for a negotiated end to North Korea's nuclear threats and a peace deal between North and South Korea. The meeting had a lot of fanfare but had no agreements or express obligations.

The US and North Korean leaders had their second summit, in 2019 in Hanoi,  Vietnam, but ever since then relations between both countries have fallen apart.

According to Kim, North Korea developed nuclear weapons to win "absolute strength"  and stave off another armed conflict, Kim said in his speech.

"Now we are capable of defending ourselves in the face of any form of high intensity pressure and military threats from imperialist and hostile forces," he said.

"Thanks to our reliable and effective self-defensive nuclear deterrent, there will no longer be war on the earth, and our country's safety and future will be firmly guaranteed forever." 

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