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Kanye West Hires Staff And Political Advisors For Presidential Campaign

Kanye West is hiring staff for his presidential campaign, as well as political specialists.

First, he was, then he wasn’t, and now West is back to wanting to run for president. The 38-year-old musician is hiring political advisors and other specialists to help him find his way onto ballots in more states, TMZ reports. In addition, West’s advisors have hired people to work on the campaign, and they have contacted third-party organizations to help spread the word about his campaign.

For now, the campaign’s main priority is getting West enough signatures so he can be listed on the ballots of the states that are left. Sources close to West’s campaign say they are currently hitting up West Virginia for signatures in places like shopping malls and restaurants; campaign staffers are also reportedly in New York searching for signatures in order to beat the ballot deadline, which is this Thursday. West needs 7,144 signatures to be on West Virginia’s ballots, according to the Secretary of State.

TMZ reports that if West gets the number of signatures that he needs, the signers will have to be reviewed in order to make sure they are all actually registered, voters. West has already submitted documents to be placed on the ballot in New Jersey, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Missouri. However, he still needs to get past the several objections of the validity of the signatures he received in his home state Illinois. The review was launched after an objector claimed only about 1,000 of more than 3,000 names on West’s petition were legitimate. According to Complex Media, the objector said it was after West made his controversial statements about Harriet Tubman that motivated him to look into his signatures.

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