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Bawumia surprises his 75-year old primary school teacher

It is often said that the teacher's reward is in heaven. But that was not the case in Napkanduri on Sunday when emissaries from  Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, led by Mr Solomon Boar, North East Regional Minister, arrived at the home of 75-year-old Mr Jacob Duuti.

Mr Duuti taught the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia at Sakasaka Primary Scchool in Tamale and Dr Bawumia has never forgotten the positive influence of this special teacher Duuti on his life.

Mr Duuti and his family were surprised when he was handed a brand new tractor to assist in his farming business.

He was in shock and shed some tears of joy as his family and community celebrated the good news.

After receiving the tractor, the elated former teacher of the Vice President expressed appreciation and prayed for God to continue to bless Dr Bawumia and grant him more wisdom to serve the country.

Mr Duuti recalled nostalgic memories of the Vice President during his days as a primary school pupil in Tamale at the Sakasaka Primary School.

“Bawumia was brilliant and inquisitive. He was always asking questions and I am not surprised about how high he has risen in life. I am so proud as his teacher,” he said.

Mr Duuti shared a memorable childhood picture of the Vice President; a picture of young Bawumia dressed in full regalia as a lawyer during a speech and prize giving day of the Sakasaka Primary School.

Mr Duuti further revealed that Dr Bawumia acted as a lawyer in a play as part of activities of the speech and prize giving day.

According to him, the Vice President was very articulate and said he wanted to be a lawyer like his father.

But he later went on to read banking and economics after his secondary education at the Tamale Secondary School.

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