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Emmanuel Smith’s ‘Konkonsa’ out

Ghanaian-born UK based singer and songwriter Emmanuel Smith is out with another single dubbed ‘Konkonsa.’

The young artiste who has shared the stage with the likes of Stellar Award-winning Jason Nelson, US-based Todd Galberth and other great personalities, and was part of the contestants on the ITV hit show ‘The Voice UK’, in an interview explained that the song talks about what it feels like to have people gossiping

According to Smith, he was inspired after having conversations with few people, “ and realizing that we had things in common where we’ve all been hurt by some of the things we’ve heard spoken about us by people we trusted.

 He added that “also I see how so many churches and people have been messed up because of gossip and disunity so I want this song to address this topic so that unity can become a part of our vocabulary.

The song is on YouTube currently and will be coming out on all music platforms in March.

About Emmanuel Smith

The Lewisham-bred psalmist was propelled to the attention of the mainstream audience when he performed on the coveted main stage at ‘Big Church Day Out’ and ‘Festival of Life UK’ held at the ExCel London.

Emmanuel a proud mummy’s boy credits his mother for being the most influential person in his life, he said “I am blessed to have a mother who instilled the love of God in me at a tender age, and also ensured that I remain grounded in God. She’s always instilled in me the faith to never give up and that’s what I still walk with to date.”

The young artist, who is passionate about engaging culture and bridging the mainstream-gospel divide without compromising the message of Christ, said, he desires to give people hope and Joy through his talent.

He recalled that “One of my earliest memories was singing with my childhood friends at a very young age in Tema, we used cooking pots and pans to create instruments as we loved to perform. I was always told that I loved to dance like American artist Bobby Brown. Any song that would come on in church even if it was a slow worship song I would do my ‘Bobby Brown’ dance to it and there was a time a guest preacher gave me money for my dance. ”

Emmanuel who is a product of Cambridge international in Kumasi, Swanlea in Aldgate UK and Kingston University and Southbank University where he studied Media and Cultural Studies also loves his pencil and canvas, he loves painting and drawing.

In an interview with Emmanuel, he advised the Ghana music industry players to keep the industry growing by been consistent and relevant to feed their fans with their craft. “That’s one of the things that have helped me. No matter how many times you fail you have to keep going and one day the fruits of your labour will show.”

He shared that, “Apart from being paid in monetary form one of the things that my career has brought on is the inspirational aspect of my story on how it doesn’t matter what your start in life is as long as you don’t limit yourself anything and everything is possible.”

Emmanuel Smith is inspired by God, his mother and he is a big fan of Sonnie Badu and Joe Mettle. He has released three captivating singles which are ‘Weather’, ‘Coming Up’ and ‘Asore ye de’, which are available on all online music shops.

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