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Kanye West is Collaborating with Joel Osteen for a Special Sunday Service

Kanye West‘s Sunday Service is about to get even bigger, as TMZ has reported that the rapper is collaborating with popular preacher Joel Osteen.

The two have become friends, sources say, and have been talking fairly regularly recently.

Kanye is expected to show up at Joel’s Lakewood Church in Houston, at 11 AM this coming Sunday. 

They’re to have a conversation on the altar that’ll last for 20-30 minutes.

Sources tell TMZ that Joel wants his massive audience to hear how Kanye has overcome “significant adversity” in his life.

It’s unclear if Kanye will be performing with his crew, as he isn’t expected to do so at the 11 AM service. Other services, however, exist, and Kanye is expected to stick around for them.

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