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What satisfies men more is not sex but a helper — Apostle Emmanuel Inkoom

Apostle Emmanuel Nkum is the President and Founder of The Radiant Place, an Apostolic Covering to several ministries around the World.

He is the President of Apostolic Governance and Next Generation Pastors Conference. He is an Apostle by calling, a Pastor by Heart, Evangelist by Passion, A Prophet by divine endowment and a Teacher by Revelation. 

Apostle Emmanuel Nkum also known as the Apostle Of Grace has been preaching for over 3 decades with Signs And Wonders Following. On his program the Grace Pulpit, he has thrown a lot of light on marriages and relationships, the ins and outs and in-betweens. In giving wisdom nuggets or relationship nuggets, he mentioned that there are key things you should look out for before marrying someone and unfortunately sex is not on that list for a lot of men but rather a helper..

Apostle Emmanuel Nkum always has a lot of wisdom to share on the Grace Pulpit or in Church(Fridays 6pm) (Sunday’s 7am-9am 9am-11am) Tesano Royale Gardens Abeka junction. Visit or call 0246328984 for any questions or problems.. 

Watch the video below....

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