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Annie Joy writes: Your Mental Picture Part 1 #BeInspired!

An idea or opinion produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind is the definition from the oxford dictionary for “thought”.

There was an article I wrote which said; who you are is dependent on the words you speak. Apparently, your source of words is from your thought which is produced  by the thinking in your  mind. This implies that, for you to become a powerful person in your journey, you need to be mindful of your mindset, which becomes your thought and it’s end product is words.

Many people feel less of themselves because they have poor self thought. They tend to think less of themselves which sometimes leads to lack of self confidence. They get busy talking themselves out of positive things and into negative things. They believe nothing good can happen to them. They feel unworthy.  Furthermore, this  gives room for people to underestimate who they are. But listen to this: you're the CEO of your life and your thoughts in charge.

Your thought is one powerful tool in your make up kit that you need to pay attention to. In a course called entrepreneurship, there is a sub topic called “the method of generating business new ideas” and in the latter there is another a method called “Brainstorming”.  That’s thought. It is explained as allowing people to be stimulated to greater creativity and good ideas when brainstorming efforts focuses on a specific thing, of which there are rules. It says with thought, there are no criticisms.

It will be continued...


Writer: Annie~Joy

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