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Mothers Day Statement From Mrs. Lordina Dramani Mahama

Ghana’s former first lady Lordina Mahama has commended matrons of orphanages in Ghana for serving as foster parents to orphans.

As the world celebrates Mother’s Day, Mrs. Mahama noted such matrons deserve to be celebrated for the love they show to the needy.

Read her statement below...

As we celebrate our Mothers yet again today, the Lordina Foundation and I are happy to celebrate the men and women who have over the years served as foster parents to children who have called the orphanages across the country their home. 
These hardworking and compassionate Home Matrons deserve to be celebrated on behalf of the children they nurture, train, teach and mould. Thank you for the selfless sacrifices, love and care you show to these children. 
The Lordina Foundation as it has always done will continue to support these homes as they build a conducive home environment for children who find themselves there.
Be a mother to someone, today. Let us develop a culture of kindness, put a smile on the faces of the needy and extend a helping hand to our neighbours. 
Mothers are precious and irreplaceable. Let’s make their day a truly memorable one. To all mothers; to all you single mothers, widows and fathers playing the role of mothers, God Bless you.
We love you.

H.E. Mrs. Lordina Dramani Mahama 
Former First Lady & President of the Lordina Foundation

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