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Guest Blog: Innocuous (Inoffensive) Trigger by Foly Ruth Selase

Foly Ruth Selase
Viewing the funny wings of the seagull, chilling my feet with salty icy water, I just looked things over. Once a little girl playing around with just my panties on, fearing no pointed objects that will pierce my butt and palms if I roll on the ground with a laughing mood pure as a dove. Scanning my youthful days now, the word youth is still a word which I have got to smoothen my kinky hair before explaining.

Youth, is a time in a person's life, being young which is at the verge of childhood but before adulthood, between a child and an adult. In a youthful stage, you are very energetic and enthusiastic in diverse ways. This makes me recall how I used to wring my daddy’s thick pajamas after washing, take part in athletics, take over mum’s duty and write as fast a secretary.

Beginning a youthful stage can sometimes be a saga. Having thought in these beautiful minds of the youth is rare, whether they can improve their level. Ok! Is it a problem with the studies skills, ability and self-discipline? Listen fellow youth, peace and harmony within yourself makes up the greatest riches of you. Put away inferiority complex and wear garment of hardworking, discipline and self-confidence.

Depression comes but over rule it gently like a marrow, and don’t make amphetamines your lawyer. I believe youths are not loath in building their own empire. Never be full of anxiety disorder just because of the acne you have. It is the excessive production of androgens in addition to genetic tendencies. Forget the myths about the origins and the treatments of acne. Yes,it is true the eagerness for sex is very tense during this stage due to some series of factors such as cultural context, media, family, spiritualism and so on, but don’t let this crash you down.

The tomorrow of our country rest on the arms of our youth. We are filled with tremendous and towering ambitions for which the USA Ex-president Barrack Obama made an awareness in a speech with theme “investing in youth”. Other speeches made by some prominent people are managing youth generations, breaking through adversities, creating character in youth, saving life through texting, youth spending power, the benefits of youthful thinking, impulsive nature of youth etc.

To we the youth, life is too short to be ruin that’s why this beautiful land needs us (youth) in order for our soil to become a brighter one. "Remember now the creator in the days of thy youth".
Written by  Foly Ruth Selase


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