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Rev Dr Ismaila writes: The Voice Of The Weeping Prophet!!!


JOEL 2:1-17; REV. 2:1-5, REV. 3:1-4;14-19 

The fast deterioration of Ghana’s economy should be a concern for all irrespective of one’s political affiliation. Gradually the much respected and proud nation in sub Saharan Africa is loosing its flavor and becoming a mockery of the world. We as a people should wake up from our slumber and political intoxication which has blinded and divided us even the more, silencing our conscience and muting the voices of reasoning, rationality and patriotism. 

Every sector of our nation is in shambles causing the people to be in despair. 

Insults, name calling, blame game, arrogance and vindictiveness has become the order of the day without recourse to cohesive nation building. Nothing is working or been done right and men and women of power of whom the citizens have entrusted their franchise are walking with seared conscience. 

Our woes and wounds as a people has become so grievous that party politics alone cannot salvage us from this quarkmare, we need pragmatic, visionary and honest leadership, bipartisan approach in dealing with our issues, soul searching and a paradigm shift in the way governance is viewed and handled in our country. 

It is time for all of us to reflect and think deeply by asking ourselves is that the Ghana we all want?, what does the future hold for us and our generation yet to be?, how long can we bear this chaotic, painful, down spiral economy and political witch haunting that has messed all of us up? How long can we continue to chant political slogans, support political parties and leaders blindly because of our parochial interest and benefits that will only inure to us and our families or cronies at the detriment of our pride, dignity and self worth as a people?, what do we really need for ourselves and future generations?. 

People of Ghana the world is moving forward and every nation in the world is not without challenges but they are all trying to lift their heads up to make the best out of the crumbs they have, why are we not doing the same but have excuses, blame, insult, joke and laugh over our challenges and behaving as ostriches by burying our heads in the sand forgetting our backs are exposed. 

This is the time we need true patriots, selfless, visionary, compassionate, strategic, dedicated and honest leadership and citizens who will not only think of their interest but the wellbeing of all. 

As we prepare to go to the ballot box come 7th January to elect our leaders we all must reflect and think deeply what will be the best choice to safe and guide us in salvaging our dear nation from further deterioration and ridicule. 

We should all shun voter buying, blood shed, voting irregularities, stealing of ballot boxes, vandalism, hooliganism, and guard against any political party inciting us to do things against our conscience and wellbeing all in the name of gaining power which they’ll eventually use to threat us with contempt. 

Your wellbeing and that of our future generations matters so let this guide you in your choice of leadership in this coming elections, don’t just vote but vote wisely because Ghana needs healing and it behaves on all of us to bring this healing and not cry foul later. 

Remember Ghana is the only country we have and it’s bigger than any political party, T shirt, or temporal money you’ll take and sell your conscience and birthright, you belong to a party because you think of Ghana’s wellbeing and its future not only what you will get at the expense of the nations betterment. 

We are all involve!!! 

God bless our homeland Ghana 

Rev Dr Ismaila 

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