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Gospel singer CeCe Winans Says She Turned Down Whitney Houston’s ‘I’m Every Woman’ Video Because Of Its Demonic Lyrics

Gospel singer CeCe Winans explains why she chose not to appear in Whitney Houston’s music video.

In a now-viral video, Winans is seen giving a sermon revealing that she was asked to star in Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” video. She shared that she believed the late singer’s lyrics were “demonic” because it began with a “spell.”

“I remember she was about to do one of her big videos,” Winans said. “It was “I’m Every Woman.” It’s a great video, right? Really nice. When you think about how it was written, it’s a great song, right? But the lyrics don’t line up with the word of God, right? So, she knew.

Winans continued, “She said, ‘CeCe, I want you to be in this video, but I know you not gonna be in it,’ and I said, ‘You’re absolutely right’ ‘cause it started off with ‘I can cast a spell.’ I’m not singing that!”

Winans clarified that despite being friends with Houston, she was not going to be apart of “ungodly” message “wrapped up in the beats.”

“Y’all get hooked on to these beats, and it’s like demonic,” the singer continued. “You’re listening to demonic stuff, and you wonder why you don’t know what’s going on.”

Nevertheless, Winans did later collaborate with Houston on the “Waiting to Exhale” single “Count On Me.”

In 2021, Winans spoke on her friendship with Houston, who passed away in 2012.

“Whitney and I were real friends, you know, um, and you hear that. People felt that,” she said. “And, um, I could cry now thinking about it. … She knew that when she needed a break, she could come, and she would come to this house and chill out. She would go to church with me.”



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