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A message from President of the National Academy of Students’ Achievement Awards Ghana, Hon. Riffath Yakub Abubakar to University Students


Dear fresh student, congratulations on your admission to the University. Dear continuing student, welcome back to campus. As you enter the University  or resume from vacation to pursue  various disciplines or programmes, there are some lessons you need to have in mind;

1. Remember, some professions (programmes) are open-market professions, anyone can become a player in that profession without necessarily going to the university or picking that profession as a study programme. Examples of such common programmes or disciplines (professions) include; Political Science, Business, History, Media and Journalism, Graphic Design and Software Development/Engineering, Computer Studies, Marketing, and the list goes on.
2. Unlike, exclusive or few professions (strictly profession) or programmes like Law, Medicine, and the Sciences that are strictly for professionally trained graduates who are permitted or legally allowed to practice what they have studied in their respective and related industries, at the same time, they can practice or be a player in any of the professions mentioned above (point number 1)
3. People in Point number 2 dare and remind people in point 1 that their profession is an open profession or market, therefore, they can join anytime they wish to join as players. This also explains that, with or without higher or lower education, one doesn't need a certificate in point 1 to practice that profession.

4. Currently, Ghana’s unemployment rate rises to 13.4 percent. And 32.8 percent of Ghanaians aged 15 to 24 are unemployed. Source: https://africa.cgtn.com/2021/12/17/ghanas-unemployment-rate-rises-to-13-4-percent/ About 100 thousand graduates are coming to add up to this percentage.

6. Perhaps, you are thinking what then is the alternative for people in point 1?

Take a deep breath, now, remember the job market is an open prison, everybody including YOU can come in and exit at your preferred time, however, note that in the contemporary job market, the competition is very keen, clearly ‘some’ employers don't care about what you have studied, where you studied it, and the score or grade you attained! What they are concerned about is what you can do, perform, or accomplish when offered the task or job.

Today, and going forward, most of the job market does not care about the geographical location and demographics of who does the work and who buys the work, thanks to the computer and the internet.
7. Possible and alternative solution; whilst you take your academics seriously craving for good grades, equally apply the same importance and seriousness in attending;

i. Industry summits/seminars/conferences and workshops whether free or paying to attend, please, don't take it for granted.

Discover your purpose and passion, and if you are fortunate to have multiple talents, learn and keep practicing that purpose, passion, and talent.
ii. Carefully or selectively get a mentor who can add value or polish your purpose, passion, and talents, and be teachable and submissive to your mentor.
iii. It's okay to have fun, but be intentional, consistent, and prioritize to work on your attitude, behavior, manners, emotional intelligence, and social quotient/currency.

 iv. Prioritize internships, and voluntary services while you are a student. You may join some legitimate and productive organizations on or outside the campus like the National Academy of Students’ Achievement Awards Awards Ghana (NASAAG)!
It builds both short and long-term networks

v. If you can, read books if can't, be curious and explore. Make it a habit to learn and develop competitive skills (soft or hard) that will earn you ‘Employability or Self Employment Skills’
vi. Watch YouTube lessons or read online articles and learn about how to monetize your talent, and learn about petty trading business ideas.
In contemporary times, you dwindle your chances if you complete school before you learn how to fit in the job market.
Wishing you a happy stay on campus.

By Hon. Riffath Yakub Abubakar

President and Executive Chairman of the National Academy of Students’ Achievement Awards Ghana.

You may contact me for coaching and mentorship on leadership, capacity development, career guidance, and business or entrepreneurship 

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