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Field Marshall shares smutty Official Video for “Stamina”, urges African men to ‘go natural’ on ladies!

For Field Marshall, creating music goes beyond just putting lyrics together or just rhyming on any beat. 

He puts in the works every time and it’s evident in all of his song releases from past years to present.

“Stamina” his last released song just got served with audience thee most appropriate and hottest video stemming from Ghana.

Serving very raunchy lyrics but yet playing his maturity game with his diction through puns and similes, Field Marshall defines himself in this video is a Ladies’ Man with a lot of stamina.

Purpose of the song is to encourage (more, African) men to engage organic ways of preserving stamina to make love to their women. In recent times, there has been quite a high number of conventional aphrodisiacs on the market, many of which Field Marshall thinks have a bad side effect in later life or after long use.

“Stamina” video defines that as well as sell the beauty of African women ’indoors’. He also subtly touches on the topic of polygamy or Gallis life — a man openly declaring affection for more than one lady and staying responsible with them — a thing he says is the embed of African heritage.

The song was produced by MOG Beatz and Video was directed by Kojo Myles.

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