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Highlights from Chale Wote Street Art Festival 2022

The 'Chale Wote' Street Art Festival is Ghana's platform for bringing art, music, dance and performance to the streets. 

This year's festival marks it's 10th anniversary since it's first launch in 2011 to promote  appreciation of Ghana's diverse  art forms.

The recently concluded festival featured a meditative procession through the streets of Jamestown from Monday, August 15 to Sunday, August 21, a spectacular display of splendor, stateliness and glamor . 

The colorful event was full of energy, refreshment and serenade by traditional Ga leaders. 

During the launch,  a traditional priestess with her acolytes, draped in all white linen and adorned with strands of purifying green leaves, led the pouring of libation to begin what was distinctly a spiritual undertaking.

Before the procession, a drum and dance ensemble from the Cultural Centre, in their traditional “Fugu” apparel, kept the ancestral memories of the people of Ga Mashie alive with ecstatic dance moves.

The procession, among other things, highlighted the complex history of Jamestown and its central importance to the making and development of Accra and the diaspora.

The history of the enslaved who had walked through the alleyways of Jamestown to ships on the shores was remembered.

Chale Wote Festival had two-time Grammy nominee, Rocky Dawuni, and other diasporans partaking, moving all the way to the Ussher Fort – the ancestral home of the people of Ga Mashie – where some invocations and the pouring of libations were made.

See photos below....


 Photo Credit: Paul Addo

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