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CEO Pryme meets up with Kwaw kesse, Kwesi Arthur,Kofi Mole, Tulenky, others on industry development

Music investor and founder of EZ Streets Records, CEO Pryme, has met up with some popular music talents in Ghana to deliberate on the progress of the Ghana music industry.

The business mogul met with the 'grind day’ hitmaker, Kwesi Arthur, Tulenky, Kofi Mole, one of the music street lords, Kwaw Kesse, and other industry stakeholders at the event to share ideas and suggest measures to help the projects' talents and also create a conducive atmosphere to motivate upcoming talents.

According to Pryme, he has observed that the Ghanaian music industry has great and unique talents that need help to excel globally, and he is ready to invest USD 10,000,000 to help develop the music scene. " EZ Streets Records will lessen these burdens and give music people sound minds to work on good music."

The meet-up, which was part of CEO Pryme and EZ Streets’ debut event ‘Convo with CEO Pryme', was held on Friday, July 15, 2022 at Koforidua Technical University, Aba Bentil Hall with the theme, "Unleashing talents and entrepreneurs into wealth."

The event ended with a music party which saw performances from Kwesi Arthur, Tulenky, Dancegodlord, Kofi Mole, Xlim Kid and other young music talents who thrilled the audiences till the next morning.

Pryme is known for his expertise in all aspects of music, including songwriting, singing, producing, and artist branding.

He was born in Ghana to Fante parents who hail from Saltpond in the central region and was raised in the USA. He graduated from the University of Bridgeport with a Master’s Degree in Psychology and also own several businesses in America.

CEO Pryme started as a musician. He was signed to one of the subdivisions of Atlanta Music Records. He has worked on a couple of mixtapes and EP’s and has songs with renowned music stars like French Montana, Gucci Mane, and a lot of popular American hip-hop stars.

Due to his passion for music, he has set up the EZ Street record label to invest in music talents ready to excel with their craft.

His experiences working as a music brand expert at one of the renowned record labels in the US inspired him to impact young talents with his EZ Street Records.

EZ Street’s corporate headquarters are located in the USA and Ghana. The label is gearing up to be the world leader in music-based entertainment.

EZ Street records is currently looking forward to signing up more Ghanaian music talents who are willing to take their music global.




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