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Amber Heard’s Insurance Company Not Paying Her Judgment To Johnny Depp

Amber Heard wants her insurance company to pay a portion of her court order judgment to her ex Johnny Depp, but the company said declined.

The company cited Heard’s conduct as the reason they won’t pay it.

Apparently, she had a $1 million liability policy with New York Marine and General Insurance Co. that covers all sorts of wrongful conduct, which includes defamation, TMZ reported.

But under the governing law for the insurance policy in California and under state law, an insurance company is not liable if the insured committed wrongful and “willful” misconduct.

New York Marine says not only did the jury find the defamation Amber committed was willful, but it was also said to be malicious.

Now, the insurance company wants a declaration from the judge that, based on the policy and the law, it’s not responsible for helping her pay her hefty bill.

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