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Investing in people bigger than a Cathedral – Rocky Dawuni to Government

Multiple awards winner, Rocky Dawuni has criticized the government for prioritizing the construction of a National Cathedral to the needs of Ghanaians.

Speaking on the Heritage Express segment on the Morning Starr, Mr. Dawuni bemoaned the government’s posture towards the construction despite the hardship in the country.

“The bottom line is that there is nothing wrong with a place of worship. But we are also a poor country and Ghana’s strength is that we honor tradition of every religious vision and group and that is part of our nation and that has kept the peace here for a long time.

“There are so many cathedrals in Ghana and so many churches that have been built. A lot of the prominent leaders have huge cathedrals. So for me, the government has its arguments but when you listen to the citizenry everybody feels that although it is important to honor the spiritual needs of our country we have not reneged on that.”

He said Ghanaians are suffering and a lot of “people have their back on the ground with no helping hand coming. Nobody is going into the various houses to provide meals for these people who lost their jobs.”

“So at a time when this is happening, God is for the poor and as we say the Kingdom of God will not be found in wood and stone. God does not live in a building, he lives in the heart of men. Let’s invest in the heart and soul of our people. I think that will be a bigger temple than any Cathedral.”


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