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#InspirationalChat: UK-based Ghanaian Corporate Coach, Annabel Brown shares how she landed her first assistant job at Fox Networks Group.

In this episode of Inspirational Chat, we bring you a conversation with UK-based Ghanaian media entrepreneur and corporate coach, Annabel Brown.

Over the years Annabel has become a renowned Executive Assistant to many C-suite level executives, working for some of the biggest companies and the best personnel within the Media and Entertainment industry.

During a chat with Annabel, she shared her story about how she landed her first assistant job at Fox Networks Group as a Receptionist/Personal Assistant and some of the challenges she encountered in the UK media frat.


Read and enjoy!!


DB: Welcome to The Inspirational Chat, Annabel


Annabel: Thank you very much and I’m glad to be on your show


DB:  Who is Annabel Brown?


Annabel: Annabel Brown is an entrepreneur and renowned executive assistant to many C-suite level executives. Working for some of the biggest companies such as: Fox Networks Group, Discovery Channel, Netflix and Channel 4. Annabel is an ambassador for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Annabel has made a move to Ghana and is Brand Manager to Bola Ray and Business Development Manager at Empire.


DB:  Tell us about your early life and education?


Annabel: I grew up in West London with my mother and 3 brothers. The highest education I have is sixth form and college. I knew from the age of 16 that University was not the path for me as I believed I was a non-academic but someone who’s more practical. During my intern years I learned that you didn’t need to attended university to work in TV. I used the experiences I gained with working with senior executives and learnt on the job. The knowledge I have gained is priceless. I know exactly how a TV channel is run, production, talent, etc., you name it, I know it. I am where I am today through my sheer tenacity, passion and a lot of hard work. 


DB:  How did you land your first job at Fox Networks Group as Receptionist and Personal Assistant?


Annabel: I knew I had a passion for TV and when I completed an internship I grew in confidence and applied for the role without knowing the company. On the day of the interview I found out it was Fox and being a young ambassador for the Duke of Edinburgh Award made me stand out and I got the job. Being an organized person who loves planning it was a natural fit.


DB:  How do you compare the Western media to the Ghanaian media?


Annabel: I would say the western media is more structured. 


DB:  Kindly tell us some of the challenges you have encountered in the media frat?


Annabel: Being a woman of colour in the UK is something that is very tough. Not many doors are opened for you so you have to work extra extra hard to even be seen or heard. Throughout my career I have let my work speak for itself and allowed my creativity to flow and I’ve been a part of some amazing work. 


DB:  Who has been your mentor or role model in the media space?


Annabel: I would have to say Jeff Ford, my Managing Director at Fox. On my first day he asked me my plans and made sure I was given opportunities and gave me massive exposure for events, management meetings, and mentoring. 


DB:  Now let’s talk about your business “Virtual Assistant Consultancy”. Tells us about it. How many people have you trained so far?


Annabel: The VA Company is about building a community for budding assistants. I have trained quite a few assistants now and have clients who we support virtually around the world. The VA business started up during the first lockdown in the UK. It just made perfect sense to give virtual support to businesses who were now working from home. 


DB:  As a personal assistant for corporate company, how does one build a great relationship with a manager?


Annabel: Transparency, Good clear communication, honesty, trust and be yourself. You will see and hear a lot of things, important information and it’s essential you take the role seriously but also know when to have fun and be personable. Your encounter with visitors, clients and even colleagues is very important. 


DB:  What kind words would you give to young media practitioners?


Annabel: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


DB: Annabel, thank you for your coming on the Inspirational Chat


Annabel: You are welcome DB






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