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Jada Pinkett Smith 'wishes' Will Smith didn’t hit Chris Rock at the Oscars

Jada  Pinkett Smith "wishes" Will Smith "didn't get physical" with Chris Rock, but she isn't angry with her husband, a source claims.

Speaking to Us Weekly, the unnamed insider said Will and Jada are apparently in agreement that Will Smith "overreacted" when he slapped Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife at the Oscars.

"It was in the heat of the moment and it was him overreacting.

"He knows that, she knows that. They're in agreement that he overreacted."

They also said that Jada Pinkett Smith is "not a wallflower", nor "one of these women that needs protecting".

"He didn't need to do what he did," they added.

The US Weekly source also said that that the couple "are very much protected in their own lives and do the absolute best they can to protect their loved ones."

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