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Youtuber Found Dead After Date With Older Man She Met On Bumble

A Connecticut family has been torn apart and is desperate for answers after their daughter was found dead in her apartment following a date with a man she met on Bumble.

On December 12th, an older white male who went on a date with 23-year-old Lauren Smith-Fields called 911 to request medical attention for her. When emergency personnel arrived, they found the popular Youtuber unconscious inside her Plymouth Street apartment. Sadly, she would later be pronounced dead.

Since her death, the parents of the cosmetology student say they are frustrated with the lack of answers to what happened to Smith-Fields. Her brother, Lakeem Jetter, questioned authorities about the mystery man who called them to the home but was told that he was a “nice guy” and police were not going to investigate him further. Smith-Fields met the man on the Bumble dating app, and his identity has not been released. At this time, the medical examiner has not revealed a cause of death, and police are refusing to comment on the young woman’s death.

Smith-Fields’ father, Everett Smith, tried to speak with a detective but was met with “insensitive” and “condescending” remarks. He says that he is positive his daughter was not involved in drugs and has paid for an independent autopsy because he is not satisfied with how the investigation is being handled.

The lack of cooperation from law enforcement has caught the attention of Councilwoman Maria Pereira. She believes police owe Smith-Fields’ mother, Shantell Fields, an apology for failing to give her updates on her daughter’s death, despite her sending a “very detailed” email pleading for their help.

It is unclear how long Smith-Fields spoke with the man before they decided to meet up and exactly what occurred inside the apartment.

Following the outrage, the City of Bridgeport issued a statement, claiming that the Command Staff and Detective Bureau is now investigating the handling of the case.

 Watch a video of the family expressing how they feel about their daughter's death below.

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