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Republic Spirit set to launch Republic Ghana Museum of Music

Born out of the passion for culture – art, music, fashion, and food – that is the founding energy of the iconic Republic Bar and Grill. True to this essence, Republic Spirit is a major exhibition of this ethos come this December in Ghana.  Republic Spirit according to the co-founder of the bar, Raja Owusu-Ansah, “was created to engender an expression and celebration of African arts, music & culture on a global level’’.

Curated in the form that it currently is, with two main levels of engagement - a small business & creative arts conference, and a music festival, this year’s celebration of the Republic promises to be worthwhile and relevant for the cultural phenomena which Ghana in December has become known for.

The breakdown for this year:

Republic Spirit Small Business and Creative Arts Conferences:

As a unique business concept and operation, Republic Bar and Grill is a pioneer in operating a sustainable business model within the creative ecosystem of a contemporary African city; Republic’s model has led to the empowerment of other creative businesses and created a large value chain. This has allowed the brand to build an extended network of several thousand professionals locally and internationally since 2011.

Over the years, Republic Bar and Grill has leveraged these relationships to create relevant networking opportunities and collaborations which has led to the cross-pollination of ideas and unparalleled innovations in this space. 

The Small Business & Creative Arts Conference is a 2-day event (27th and 28th December) that proposes to offer a unique networking opportunity for participants as well as provide relevant transfer of ideas and opportunities for collaborations.

Republic Spirit Music Festival:

The Republic Spirit Music is the brand's biggest outdoor event which is dedicated to the celebration of the unique expression of African culture through the Music, Arts, and Craft all in one space.

In addition to contemporary live music, the festival is a venue for other creative expressions including dance, fashion, cinema, and other arts. Different artistes across various genres and geographies are billed to perform at this year’s event which would happen on 29th December at the Untamed Empire, Spintex Road.


Republic Ghana Museum of Music (RGMM)

In addition to this year's Republic Spirit events, we would also launch the Republic Ghana Museum of Music (RGMM). The purpose of this entity is to collect, preserve, interpret, and display objects of music significance for the study and education of the public.

The RGMM will have varied curations annually in 2022 with the pilot event this December, a fundraiser which would help kickstart this historical project. The RGMM is registered as an NGO and has as part of its objectives, to help support the development and preservation of authentic Ghanaian music.

Check out the website: http://therepublicspirit.com for more information on how to experience this year’s Republic Spirit.

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