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Nigeria’s Olaleye Oluwafunmbi to take on the African fashion modelling industry

Models have become business powerhouses and, at the top of the industry, can make tens of millions of dollars a year. What hasn’t changed is that modelling is governed by highly subjective standards. But Oluwafunmbi is firm with her decision to transform the modelling industry.

Oluwafunmbi says she has learned some hard truths while pursuing her dream of becoming a model. 

"Progression happens every day, and some days I feel as though I have accomplished nothing, while other days I feel that I am the best. As a budding model, your worth, your success or failure is based on the hard work you put in and how well you stand out. "she says.

She is a 22-year-old Nigerian model, tourist, and voice-over artist who describes herself as a good listener with good communication skills and an introverted personality, "yet I relate very well with people." I think deeply, and I'm very observant and organized. I have a great understanding of the needs and wishes of other people, and I can typically find the right words in every situation. I’m professional and I bring my best game to work as long as it doesn’t go against my ethics and morals. " 

The budding model became a top model in Ogun state at the age of 18, "which was the 2nd year of my modelling career and I still have a long way to go, which is my motivation every day."

Undaunted by the inevitable rejections, the 5.8-foot model is currently an undergraduate studying Business Administration. She has walked on some runways and landed gigs with some corporate clients.

Oluwafunmbi is gradually finding her right foot to press on to engrave her name in the fashion industry. 

She has engaged in a few modelling masterclass programs. "I plan to be a world-top model, and I can’t wait! I want to make TV and movie appearances, have a show, watch my modelling career grow, see myself on billboards, and so much more than I can even imagine. Although I have only had a brief stint in modelling, I am all set to put in all the good work it takes. "

She is approachable with an effortless fashion sense, which she says is her inspiration to join the fashion world and aspires to model for renowned fashion and beauty brands. 

She says, "I have the right attitude, experience, and unique looks to be a successful model." I won’t do anything against my moral standards. "

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