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Female Leaders and SMEs converge as West Africa Meet-Up holds in Accra, Ghana.

The Best Minds, and Entrepreneurs from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya will converge as Compass Global, a leading Nigeria Consultancy in the Trade, Investment and Export promotion space will host its CSR  Female Empowerment event to support SMEs across Multiple Sectors.

The event holding in Ghana is a follow up to the Virtual Edition of the Global Female Leaders, and Entrepreneurs Conference (FLEC), which took place in March 2021, in Lagos, Nigeria, during which the “Innovation Tour” was flagged with support from the UN Economic Commission for Africa via its West Africa Office, and attendance by its Sub Regional Director for West Africa, Mrs Ngone Diop as a Keynote Speaker.

Compass Global CEO, and FLEC WEST AFRICA MEET - UP Convener Mrs. Tokunbo Chiedu, says that She is so thrilled that the “Innovation Tour” will showcase Africa’s brightest minds on 22nd November  2021 in Accra, Ghana, before moving to the tour to Kenya in January 2022.

Against the backdrop of the important milestone of Afcfta, and as Countries move into the implementation phase, the preparedness of SMEs, and ensuring access to vital information is an important objective. According to an ITC report, SMEs represent 90% of  businesses, 60% of whom still operate in the informal sector, and employ about 60% of workers, many of whom are women and youths.

The FLEC WEST AFRICA MEET UP organized by Compass Global under its SHEISFUTUREAFRICA brand will include High Level Presentations, Master Classes, and Roundtable Discussions targeted around 3 key areas for SMEs: Trade & Afcfta, Corporate Governance, and Access to Finance & Financial Planning.

Central to the event objectives, is the showcasing of Success Stories of Innovative African Brands, whilst focusing on thought leadership, and building  resilience in the post pandemic era.

The event with its focal point on SMEs and Toolkits to Innovate, Survive, and Sustain” in the post – pandemic recovery phase; will undoubtedly help towards preparation of  SMEs in developing critical business linkages towards leveraging available business opportunities across the Continent, and to attract strategic partnerships that are vital for business.

According to CEO Compass Global and Founder of FLEC Mrs. Tokunbo Chiedu, Women and Youths in business are the target audience of the FLEC WEST AFRICA MEET UP, as such the platform will address the needs of SMEs for example, access to market intelligence, finance, trade information, and market requirements as the region approaches the unfolding implementation of Afcfta.

Setting the tone for the MEET - UP, Presentations  will be delivered by Special Guests from Nigeria Dr. Ibiene Ogolo Co Founder V&R Partners, Vivian Opondoh CEO & Co Founder Farmula, Kenya, other Speakers include Esthy Asante, MD Organics Trade and Investment, Jeph Acheampong CEO Blossom Academy, Emmaline Datey, CEO ICS Africa, Rebecca Donkor Founder AMB Fair and other leading entrepreneurs from across multiple sectors.

A key driver of the FLEC platform is the need to foster new business opportunities, and to  engage, and strengthen networks in the process, as demonstrated by the support of Ghana based Partners such as the Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs, and proudly supported by Africa Web.

For over 14 years, Compass Global has a proven Track Record of Working with its Strategic Partners to deliver carefully curated, and relevant content with key focus on global concerns; whilst promoting empowerment, driving inspiration, and encouraging learning/transformation.

Tokunbo Chiedu concludes that Delegates can look forward to compelling case studies, and vital lesson to be shared via the built – in Master Classes taking place during the event. FLEC is designed to provide our audience with experiential learning, and powerful tools; a means through which to promote personal/organizational empowerment towards inspiring the self-action that is required to build resilience in these challenging times.

To discuss partnership/sponsorship please contact Compass Global via email at info@compassglobalservices.com or call

This event is strictly by invitation only. To join us virtually please email info@compassglobalservices.com

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