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6-Year-Old Antwain Fowler Who Went Viral In The “Where We Bout To Eat At” Video Passes Away

Antwain Fowler, 6, who is best known for his viral “where we bout to eat at?” video, has died.

TMZ reported that on Sunday, there was a post made on Fowler’s Instagram account with the caption, “Never in a million years My heart is out my chest.” The message written on the post states, “The pain in my heart is like no other Why God!!!”

The post was likely written by the young boy’s mother, China, who monitored his social media account. His mother also posted a message on her own account, saying, “Ever felt lifeless like you can’t go on? I don’t wanna be here anymore this pain is unbearable that’s my babyyyy my god why me?”

TJ’s cause of death has not been confirmed, but in July of 2015, Fowler was diagnosed with autoimmune enteropathy (AIE), ReVolt reported.

A GoFundMe page on his behalf and linked to his Instagram account says that he has undergone 25 surgeries since he was diagnosed with the rare immune deficiency disorder that attacks your intestines.

“The first four years of Antwain’s life was an everlasting fight and very crucial experience for his family,” the GoFundMe page reads. “From the moment Antwain was released from the hospital he wanted to know one thing, “Where we bout to eat at,” which is what the entire world finds themselves asking quite often. On his journey to recovery, we’ve encounter a bump in the rode which sorta started a whole new fight. Upon removal of his, Port Antwain got sick the following day. Doctors say during surgery he aspirated which caused him a pneumonia where his upper right and lower left lung collapse, the fight doesn’t stop there he was treated for the pneumonia and now he’s on the road to recovery.”

TJ’s family’s wanted to help Fowler regain his strength after his operation, which is why they created the GoFunMe page. It has since raised over $56,000 for his cause.

The page also stated that Fowler’s muscles were weak, and that had been affecting his breathing. Fans have since flooded both his GoFundMe page and Instagram with well wishes and condolence messages.




Source: Balleralert


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