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Miss Metropolitan Ghana 2020 Winner, Nellie Grace Yeboah launches Foundation

Miss Nellie Grace Yeboah, Miss Metropolitan Ghana 2020 has launched the Foundation of Queen Nellie project on the theme, "Intensifying Education on covid-19 preventive protocols in Ghana."

The event held at the forecourt of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Dzorwulu campus, drew participants from the general public and saw performances from Sefashi de Poet and R-Tee.

Miss Yeboah, in her address, noted that Covid-19 was real and the world has already seen its devastating effects across all spheres from homes through to businesses and it was not too late to come together to create a better world for ourselves and other generations to come.

She stated that Covid-19, per records will linger on and so Ghanaians must all embrace the protocols to protect themselves, loved ones and others. 

According to her, prevention was a better way to see an end of this epidemic torture adding that "If we are to move forward with our fight against this global pandemic, our activism must be based on sharing information, knowledge, time, and resources."

Miss Yeboah sought to embark on a tour as part of her project to selected basic and senior high schools and communities to educate them on their role to play to achieve the overall aim of combating the pandemic and enhancing Ghana’s development.

"Instilling in persons the need to cover the nose and mouth with a mask and proper disposals of same, effective handwashing and deliberate acts of keeping a distance to save lives are but a few of the objectives this project seeks to achieve within the shortest possible time," she said.

Mrs Kate Opoku, Country Leader, Let's Do It Ghana, the chairperson for the occasion in her welcome address, stated that the waste management sector has also had its fair share of the far-reaching consequences of Covid-19 as waste management challenges have further been exacerbated by the pandemic.

She noted that despite a reduction in industrial and commercial waste production due to the slowdown in manufacturing activity, hazardous waste production has significantly increased with higher production from the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

According to her, the volume of medical waste has increased by up to 40 percent according to reports as plastic products have played significant roles in protecting people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mrs Opoku revealed that the widespread use of personal protective gear created a massive disruption in the supply chain and waste disposal system, millions of discarded single-use plastics like masks, gloves, aprons, and bottles of sanitizers have been added to the terrestrial environment and caused a surge in plastics washing up the ocean coastlines and causing environment pollution. 

She intimated that environmental advocates were concerned that if a drastic measure is not taken to address the current environmental challenge, Covid-19 will reverse the momentum of years-long global battle to reduce plastic waste pollution.

"I believe that addressing waste management and sanitation challenges calls for a joined-up approach, it requires the firm commitment and dedication of all stakeholders, government, private sector, civil society organisations, traditional, religious and opinion leaders, as well as all and sundry to come together to work to find sustainable solutions, including stepping up awareness raising campaigns," she said.

Dr Collins Ohene Aboagye, main speaker for the launch in his address, encouraged citizens to take the Covid-19 vaccine and stated that they should still observe the protocols as the vaccine alone cannot protect the body.

He urged Ghanaians to eat properly in order to boost their immune system to enable it handle the virus.

The launch was sponsored by BF Suma Ghana Limited and Flora by Delta paper mill with support from the Ghana Institute of Journalism and MTN Ghana.

Source: Ernestina Adzo Dika



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