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LGBTQI Bill Not Necessary- Humanist Association, Antwi Bediako

The President of the Humanists Association of Ghana, Mr. Antwi Bediako has said that the proposed LGBTQI bill to be passed by parliament is not required and suggested the need for an equity bill. He mentioned that the equity bill should be able to create a space for openness and inclusivity for everyone one in the country.

"It obviously is not necessary. I will go further to say that we actually need an equality bill, one that seeks to enshrine the melting pot nature of present-day Ghana. We as a people should create a common value of openness, inclusivity, accountability, etc, and a bill like that will go a long way to promote the type of citizenship this country needs" he stated in an exclusive interview with Farida Seidu.

Mr. Antwi Bediako said even though the 36 paged document says All LGBTQI groups, associations, clubs and organizations to be disbanded and Anyone found guilty to be jailed between 6 and 10 years, the association will continue to support the LGBTQI till its legalized.

He said, "In the face of tyranny, our resolve would always remain strong. In fact, even if the bill is squashed, our fight will not be over. We need to keep pushing until everyone, every Ghanaian is free".

The president of the Humanist Association believes that, anyone who belongs to LGBTQI groups does not need medical assistance, however, the draft legislation by Ghana’s parliament to criminalize LGBTQI practice says that Persons accused of being LGBTQI should be granted access to medical assistance if they make such a request during the period of their incarceration. 

He emphasized that, "Our mental health system is already failing. Why do we think there is the need to invent imaginary illnesses just so you can oppress your fellow citizen? Being Queer is not a mental disease. Given how hostile Ghana is to queer persons, I would think our lawmakers will be looking at expanding our mental health system so more teenagers and adults can get the needed therapy to help manage the homophobia".     

A concerned mother who spoke to Farida said that the bill is a step in the right direction for the country in protecting the values and culture of the nation. "even thought passing the bill might have an dire economic impact on the nation, i think if we pass the bill, it proves that we stand stand on our own as a country and fight for what we want given that the whole LGBTQI is foreign and mentally deceiving.

The anti- LGBTQI  draft legislation by Ghana’s parliament to criminalize LGBTQI practice and advocacy in the country comes under the name ‘The Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021. The bill is vigorously supported by eight members of parliament. 

The bill comes when there is a fuming debate on the matter of LGBTQI activities in the country though the President of The Republic of Ghana, Nana Akuffo Addo has publicly denounced it. Inspite of the fact that there are some provisions in the Criminal Code where homosexual relationships are illegal. 

The bill is yet to  be passed by the Parliament of Ghana.

Source: Farida Seidu


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