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Ghanaian Artist Amoako Boafa Will Launch His Artwork Into Space

Ghanaian Artist Amoako Boafo is set to make history as one of the first Black men to have his art jettisoned into space.

The Ghanaian painter will work with Utah-based company, Uplift Aerospace, on a new piece entitled, Suborbital Triptych, which the artist will paint over three exterior panels of a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket that is scheduled to lift off in the fall.

The project started with the help of Boafa’s gallerist Mariane Ibrahim who is insuring the artists vision is not compromised with this new venture. The details of the project are still under wraps, but we can expect big things from Boafa who has garnered the attention of the art market around the world.

Amoako Boafa’s bold aesthetic offers a vibrant reflection on Black identities. He is excited about the responsibility he holds with this aeronautic project, telling The Art Newspaper, “Ghanaian people are interested in learning and observing faraway galaxies… and I think more importantly we are interested in relating it back to earth, by solving local problems. Ghana has one of the most advanced research programs, our national space agency’s history stretches back over a decade.”

The work will more importantly serve as a leading light to the world for years to come that “Africa, African art and African artists are valuable enough” to be a part of the history of space travel. 

Source: Hypebeast

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