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Donald Trump Claims He ‘Made It Possible’ For Billionaires Jeff Bezos And Richard Branson To Travel To Space

Donald Trump claims he “made it possible” for Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos to travel to space.

Trump claimed he was the reason for the job market excelling, then he said he was to thank for the success of the COVID-19 vaccines, and now he claims he’s the reason two billionaires can launch into space. On Sunday, the shamed former president called into Fox News show “Sunday Morning Futures” and said his administration leased facilities to Bezos and Branson so they’d be able to go to space.

“They love sending rocket ships up. And I made it possible for them to do this. I actually said to my people, ‘Let the private sector do it,'” Trump said. “These guys want to come in with billions of dollars. Let’s lease them facilities, because, you know, you need certain facilities to send up rockets. And we have those facilities. We have the greatest facilities.”

The gag is: Branson and Bezos did have their rockets tested at and launched from government facilities, but it was before Trump ever stepping into the White House as president. As a matter of fact, Branson began his space travel trip planning back in 2014, Yahoo! News reports.

Branson successfully traveled into space over the weekend from a commercial facility called Spaceport America. Bezos is set to take off into space on July 20.



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