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Bright Philip Donkor : The irreplaceable love of Mothers

On days like this, I often reflect on the one million times my Mum has my back. The fact that she gave up comfort and her future just to make me okay. Knowing fully well she had me in her womb, and could have decided to either abort me or give me away. But she accommodated me and gave birth to me; the postpartum period she went through helter-skelter is better experienced than imagined. She endured all of these and gave birth to me. Did it end there?

Nope, the instrumental roles she continued to play in my upbringing were manifold. For me, my Mother is just like a rare breed of sweet wine whose taste still lingers in my mouth and makes my taste buds wanting more. This should tell you that mothers are major stakeholders in the growing process of a child and that makes them indispensable.

On the occasion of the mothers' day, whether we celebrate our mothers with a gift, a favour, a lunch or just a special hug, our reason to appreciate them is the same: for nurturing us and bringing us into this world that we hold so dear. Mothers are always considered the beginning of everything.

They play critical roles in the family by not only ensuring the provision of the needs of the home but by also helping to nurture particularly children. Mothers, therefore, bear huge responsibility in making sure that, by extension, the larger society thrives on the right solid foundation. That is the more reason we need to celebrate our mothers each day.

It’s that time of the year when the whole country goes gleeful for this special occasion. Today, Sunday, May 9, Ghanaians will go all out and loud in marking mother’s day to celebrate all mothers and motherhood. The day has gained so much prominence over the years because of the extraordinary role mother’s play in the lives of their children, family, society and the nation as a whole.

For social media, the craze of photos of individuals with their moms will trend between 24-48hours. There will surely be captivating and touching captions that will leave you in tears. You’re the best mom! This is to say I love you! Mom is special; I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me.

There will be competitions by brands to celebrate and rewards mothers. Spiritually, we will see special service and prayers offered to our mothers.

“One may ask, why all these for mothers”? They are special! Mothers are God’s best creations because of their caring, giving and their sacrificing nature, and always putting others needs before theirs. Let’s begin with the home. When we were young, they fed, clad and kept us safe and healthy. Their ability to multi-task is beyond reason. Their ability to carry out more than one task is exemplary. Making sure the home is well kept while going through the daily grind to make a living to support the financial needs of the home.

For our emotional well-being , mothers give us a lot of time and attention. They do whatever they have to, to make us happy. At times, we see moms limit their own needs just to make sure we are good and stable. In our low and darkest moments, we trust that they will always be there to encourage and lift you up.

They show special love, strength, patience, care and tenderness as mothers, sisters, aunties, guardians and friends and also make bold sacrifices for their children and other relatives. Their unique strength enables them to carry children in their womb for nine months, while the patience, special heart and tenderness enable them to be pooed on, spat on, peeped on. They even sometimes cry when their children are crying.

Gallant mothers are, indeed, gifts which are not replaceable, as they play the role of teachers, psychologists, servants and go every length to solve the problems of their children.

In conclusion, I love my mum (Margaret) to the brim. She's been my number one fan. And irrespective of the fact that she almost died giving birth to me, she’s still loyal. Every single effort, every sweat broken, every ache and stress that she's sacrificed is what has brought me here. I’ve not been the best of sons. But one thing I respect, is the instrumental role she's played in my life. And this is one promise I’ll make.

As long as I have breath, as long as I have life, and as long as I have hope, I will make sure you never regret the decision to keep me. It is my prayer, that I reward all that you’ve done for me relentlessly. I am because you are. Even though I may not repay you for all you’ve done, I pray I’m able to give you a life as comfortable as you deserve.

Sweet mother, who can ever take your place? You are deeply rooted in our hearts. You are our biggest hero. Continue to play huge roles in our lives. It’s no wonder the day is celebrated with so much fuss!

On this note, it is only right and proper that we do not downplay the significance of the day but say a big “Ayekoo” to all mothers wherever they may be. Happy Mother's Day. Hats off to all mothers! To my backbone, my motivation, my life, my blood, my world, my mother! Thank you for all you’ve done for me. Though I may not express it much, in my heart, you’re my hero. And I appreciate and love you so much. You’re indeed, the love of my life.

The author, Bright Philip Donkor is a Student Journalist at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ). He's a Gender Activist, Columnist and a Prolific Feature Writer. 

Writer's email - bpdonkor@gmail.com

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