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Nakeeyat- The Poet reminds parents to brush day and night with their children and family

Do you remember Nakeeyat? She is the young talented poet who took Ghana by storm with her appearance and eventual win in the TV3 Talented kids season 10 show. Her popularity among Ghanaians shows how far she has come since her brilliant win at the show. Ever since that title, she has been making us proud with one poetic performance after the other. 

When you look at her, she exemplifies what personal and societal good should come from fame. In her own way, she uses her popularity and platform to drive positivity and lend her voice to social issues.

Recently, sharing on her Instagram page is the #BrushWithMe video encouraging young children to adopt the habit of brushing day and night, whiles encouraging parents and guardians to brush with their young ones. In a related video, she is seen watching a video of how to brush right and communicate that knowledge to her followers about the right way of brushing your teeth. (Up and down, left and right.). In short, the video emphasizes the habits children pick from their parents daily with an easy to remember song.

The #BrushWithMe is a campaign by Unilever’s Pepsodent which seeks to compliments the efforts of this year’s World Oral Health day by reminding parents of their responsibility in taking care of the oral health of themselves and their children, and to encourage families to brush better together. 

Helping your little ones get into the habit of brushing day and night is key to a lifetime happy and healthy smile. What better way to achieve this by brushing with them to inculcate the habit? And if it requires singing a child friendly song to get them to brush, you can pick a line or two from the #BrushWithMe song.

For Nakeeyat, she will continue to be an inspiring young star because she is not only a wonderful role model to young children but a great poet.  

“Parents and guardians brush day and night with your little ones” says Nakeeyat- The Poet



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