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#InspirationalChat with Charles Katere, CEO of Eco-Clean Ghana Foundation and winner for 5k Challenge. #BeInspired!

This episode of Inspirational Chat brings you a chat with the CEO of Eco-Clean Ghana Foundation and a permaculture trainer for Ghana Permaculture Institute (GPI).

He has over 5 years working experience in finance management, community development, ecovillage and permaculture trainings.

Charles Katere is the financial secretary of GEN Africa since 2018. He has proven financial skills in record keeping, preparation of statement of income and expenditure, proficient in petty cash and daily records keeping, funds management from donors for project implementation, subscription account management, fundraising activities, strategic and long term business planning, anonymity of donors when required and confidentiality of sensitive financial data.


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Inspirational Chat is a platform where we interact with young leaders, who have made an impact in the lives of others. It is also a platform where young leaders tell us how they began their journey and how it has been with them as they give their lives to inspiring and motivating the upcoming generation!  



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