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Impact Concept and Solutions Africa (ICS Africa) to unveil TOP 50 NGOs in Africa

Fast-rising Pan African Events company, Impact Concept and Solutions Africa (ICS Africa) Limited is excited to introduce the first and only rating scheme for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on the continent of Africa.

The first of its kind, the rating scheme dubbed the TOP 50 NGOs in Africa, seeks to recognize and acknowledge several NGOs across the African continent who have contributed immersed to the growth and livelihood of persons living in Africa.

The list includes regional and international social impact game-changers whose influence in Africa cannot be understated. They have contributed a significant amount of finances and expertise to ensure growth and development in various sectors on the continent.

In collaboration with leading PR and Research Agency, Avance Media, the list will include non-governmental institutions that have fulfilled seven criteria.

“We believe we should draw the world’s attention to these social impact organizations whose consistent efforts are beacons of hope, inspiration and courage to Africans,” Founder and CEO of ICS Africa, Emmaline Datey said about the project. 

Founder and CEO of ICS Africa, Emmaline Datey 

She continued: “With a focus on the changing spheres of running organizations, and 2020 being a year coupled with a pandemic, their resilience and hard work has earned these organizations the recognition to be named in our inaugural list dubbed, 2020 Top 50 NGOs in Africa.

Ms Datey believes the scheme will inspire a trend of appreciating social impact organizations and their efforts in Africa as well as promote the sustainable development goals agenda by cheering on these social impact organizations who are focused on enlightening and uplifting the members of the society, investing in future generations and on achieving any of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our continent and the world.

“Primarily, we want NGOs or social impact organizations who have made a difference in Africa to know that we see them and we appreciate them. We also hope to inspire a trend of appreciating social impact organizations and their efforts in Africa as well as encourage more NGOs to continue to grow their brands through selfless service to Africans in consistent excellence, integrity, creativity and innovation.”

The Top 50 NGOs in Africa project is a rating project initiated by ICS Africa in partnership with one of Africa’s leading PR, Research and Rating Organizations, Avance Media, recognizing a list of the most impact non-profit organizations across Africa for their independent contributions towards the development of the African continent. These organizations through their works are being recognized as pacesetters and model organizations to emulate because of the hope imposed in us through the results of their initiatives and support to other organizations and individuals who we recognize as partners in development.


The 2020 Top 50 NGOs will be selected using the following criteria:

1.    The NGO must have presence in more than one African country

2.    The NGO must have a functioning board and professional management team of which Africans are inclusive 

3.    The NGO must have been in consistent operations for more than 2 years 

4.    There should be no illegal tag or criminal record on the NGO’s brand

5.    The NGO’s social impact must be relevant, creative and innovative, be based on the principles of causing change in lives (help alleviate or improve the myriad of social challenges humanity faces on any given day with the ability to demonstrate that change has occurred), inspire positivity, demonstrate true integrity and commitment to values, vision and mission.

6.    It must be independent of Government 

7.    It must have good digital presence

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