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Actor Pete Edochie Endorses Actor Son Yul For 2023 Presidential Race..

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie, has endorsed his son, Yul Edochie’s ambition to contest the 2023 presidential elections in Nigeria.

In a video shared by his son, the veteran actor said his decision to support Yul Edochie comes after some people who admired his son urged him to throw his weight behind the decision.

He explained that he was amazed by these people who kept insisting that they want the young Edochie to be president.

“We like him. He is disciplined, sympathetic, he believes a lot in people,” are some of the comments Pete Edochie said he received about his son.

“They have bothered me so much that I have decided today to present him to you. Yul has my blessing, he has my endorsement.”

    My Father Chief Pete Edochie endorses my 2023 Presidential ambition.

Yul Edochie on his birthday, January 7, announced his decision to contest in the next presidential elections in Nigeria.

In an Instagram post to celebrate his 39th birthday, he wrote that he wants to bring “real” peace, unity and progress to his country.

He stated that it is time the youth is given the chance to fix Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Pete Edochie threatened to withdraw his support if his son deviates from the path of discipline or the values he was raised with.

“My values are very strong. I have my own children and they are very strong in that regard too. I am not one to be involved in politics. But you see, no all you children are bound to follow you.” he added.



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