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Hajia Police advises the public on how some photocopy machine operators sell out other people photocopy ID to foreigners to acquire sim cards for fraud

Ghanaian Police officer, Hajia Sa-ada Muhammed known in Showbiz circles as Hajia Police has advised the public on how some of the photocopy machine operators uses other people's photocopy id cards, passport, etc to give to foreigners to use to register sim card for fraud. 

She said in a video...

Please whenever you photocopy your National Identity or Voters Id Card and the machine operator tells you that the copy was poorly copied, make sure you collect that bad copy from him. These operators sell out these copies to thieves who use them to acquire sim cards and commit Mobile money crimes that can incriminate you.

Watch the video below...


Hajia Police has touted her ingenuity as the founder of the emerging music genre dubbed Afro-Islamic, which has elements of teaching, spiritual healing and entertainment.

As a genre emerging from Ghana, Afro-Islamic will create and provide positive life changing experiences for all in the country and beyond.


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