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The Smilespiration Project donates to children at the Korle-Bu Oncology ward

Smilespiration in collaboration with Living Presence Evangelistic Network, organized The Smilespiration Project 2020 for sick children at the Korle-Bu Oncology ward.

The program was held on the 26th of December, and was aimed at putting smiles on the faces of children who have been admitted at the hospital due to various health related issues.

The Smilespiration team spent the day singing, playing musical instruments, praying and sharing memories and smiles with the children, as well as their parents. The team also donated medical supplies for the ward, framed artwork, toys and food to the children.

Mercy Peprah Asare who is the founder of The Smilespiration Project said her main aim is to share with others what gave her the hope and made her smile in stranded situations. 

She collaborated with Nordraws, a digital artist after she realized that art is another source of joy for people.

She said; ' We achieved our aim of cheering up and giving hope to the children through music and art. 

Some parents said it was the first time they had seen their children smile in a long time.


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